Thursday, August 21, 2008

Multi-tasking...To Perfection

So recently someone asked me if I know how to multi-task efficiently and productively? That got me thinking about how much I multi-task in this job. More so during the game than any other time during the day. But usually I am juggling three different things at the same time. On a side note, I am a pretty good juggler when it comes to baseballs and tennis balls!

Anyway, during the day I am usually working on several things at once; doing the stat packs, compiling the game notes and then taking care of any press releases that have to go out. Stat packs and game notes both have to be copied and stapled then placed in the press box and both club houses.

My game notes are probably the most in-depth game notes in the league, I put a lot of effort into making sure they are Major League quality and that goes with the stat packs too. (example here) I want to make them easy to read and not all jumbled up and out of order, which is what you get when just printing from the internet. I copy them and spread them out for copy purposes making sure there is no run off. If I am working on a story or press release, I also am working on the graphic that will go along with it on the web site.

I am also running from both clubhouses when the teams are at the park making sure each staff has what they need and then at the same time getting the lineup, typing up the lineup and printing them up. I also have to write the standings and lineups on the board entering the stadium. All this is being taken care of while I am trying to make myself visible and present on the field so that if any media needs interviews with players I can take care of that for them.

I usually fit lunch in somewhere and most days I pick up a sandwich on the way in to work so I don’t have to leave work because sometimes I just can’t.

When the game is going on my computer might be working harder than me! I use my computer to not only write my game recap while the game is going on, but also to record the game for highlights, cut and edit the highlights during the 1:30 commercial breaks, use the internet to do on the spot research on stats and information for players and check email from the occasional listener that writes in.

When the game is over I have my 15 minute post-game show that includes those highlights I am editing during the game. I also run over the scoreboard and then set the table for tomorrow. I am also putting the finishing touches on my game recap so I can email it out before deadline, which I usually try to set by 10:30, depending on length of game that is, so television stations will have the information for the 11:00 pm newscast.

After the game I am running down to the office running off box scores then take those box scores to both clubhouses and then listen to the coaches if they have scoring issues from the game. After that is all taken care of I can start working again, that is by updating the web site.

The web site is updated with the game story, game picture, game highlights and then if it is a home series I update the front page so the old stories and graphics come down and the new stories for upcoming promotions show up. This way when people go to work in the morning they have a fresh new web site to look at and not old stories. Nothing drives me up the wall more than seeing stories that are dated on the front of the page.

My head usually hits the pillow around 12:30- 1:00 a.m. and then I am back at work and at my desk doing it all over again at 8:30 a.m.

All that does not include little things that pop up during a day or a series like getting pitching rotations for the upcoming series to the opposing teams. Making sure the roster is set at 25 and the proper guys are listed as active or in-active. Writing stories or tid-bit articles for game programs. Making sure guys get credit for the proper stats like hits, stolen bases, earned runs.

So again, the question was do I know how to multi-task? The majority of teams have two people doing work in the media department, I work alone. I think I know how to multi-task.

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