Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Out of Ideas Looking for a Job

Do this, don’t do that. Fill this form out, and that form out. Post your resume here and here and take that out and put that in. It’s amazing how many people out there offer advice on how to land a job.

If there is one thing I have discovered in my quest for a job is that nobody can seem to agree on how to get a job, or what makes a resume stand out. I have changed my resume so many times it doesn’t even make sense to me anymore.

In fact, what’s the point of creating a resume anyway; based on my job search you don’t need them. Every place I go I have to fill out an online form. Every company does it the same; log in, create a profile, and apply for a job.

Some forms take 45 minutes to complete because they include pre-screening questionnaire forms.

Where do these online forms go? Who is looking at them?

The days when you could walk into a place, or apply with a letter and resume are gone. The days when you could call a business or a company to follow up are gone.

Believe me, I tried.

It’s all impersonal.

I have specifically created another email address for my job search as well because I just don’t want to get inundated with junk email, because that is what happens when I fill out these online forms.

Especially now that I put my resume on Monster and Career Builders.

I get a ton of emails promising get rich programs and schools offering new degrees to better my career chances. Seriously!! I need another degree? I already have two! I have a BA and an MBA, isn’t that enough??

Well, that all depends on who you talk to because sometimes it’s too much, too much education and I am overqualified. Sometimes it’s not enough, or sometimes it’s just the wrong degree.

I found out last week that my BA is not looked on highly as a BS. What??

Why didn’t my career counselor in high school or college tell me that a BS is looked at more favorably than a BA, or is that all BS and just another excuse why I didn’t get an interview??

Job fairs are a fun adventure too, standing in long lines for part time jobs cleaning tables, packing boxes or sweeping floors all for minimum wage. Not to mention the mortgage and insurance companies there trying to sell me on refinancing or changing my 401k. Of course the job fairs have the schools there, trying to convince me again that I need another degree and that I should go back to school for another five years and give them more money.

I am getting lost in a sea of online job profiles and resume tips and all I can think of is how did I get into this mess?

So why can’t I get an interview and a job?

I’m told because there are hundreds of people applying for the same jobs. I am told it helps to know somebody.

I know lots of people, but that hasn’t helped me yet either.

If there really are hundreds of people applying for jobs, I really can’t imagine someone reading all those resumes and cover letters. Wouldn’t the resumes all start to look the same after awhile too, that is assuming if you get to send an actual resume and cover letter because as I mentioned earlier every company seems to want you to create a job profile on their web site.

I’ve literally run out ideas. Anytime someone suggests something to me, I have already done it.

I have revamped my resume and cover letter countless times.

I created my own personal web site.

I have applied online via the web sites, and showed up at office buildings to personally drop off my resume.

I have called to follow up, I have emailed to follow up.

I have relied on networking, I have asked people I know to put in good words for me and to help my resume along.

I have begged and pleaded for an opportunity but nothing.

So what’s left career experts?

I have done it all and have gotten nowhere. Where is my break, my stimulus package, my chance to contribute to society?