Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Season Has Come to an End

Well, the GreenJackets got swept in the playoffs and the season is over. The Jackets had the most wins and best ERA in all of Minor League Baseball and could not win one game in the playoffs. Tough loss, I have been sitting up at the stadium all morning.

I love baseball so much, I love calling games and hearing the crowd chear on a team when they do good. However, there is something magical and peacful when sitting in an empty stadium. The sun shining down, the bright green grass, and nobody there but myself and my thoughts, my church. It's my way of saying goodbye to the season and has become a bit of a tradition for me over the past three years.

One full day is not over yet and I am already counting the days till spring training again. I can't wait for Game 1 of the 2008, this year ended too early for me.

Now my attention will turn to the Cardinals as I get my baseball fix for another month and a half by watching on tv. Not the same as being at the ballpark everyday though.

Thanks for the memories GreenJackets, it was fun.