Monday, May 25, 2009

Moving Back to St. Louis

So after almost making it three years in Augusta, GA I have decided to move back home to St. Louis and start a new adventure. I will be teaming up with my friend Brendan to host a two-hour late night sports show in St. Louis.

While I am sad that I am not doing baseball play-by-play this year, sometimes things always have a way of working out for the best. After all, if I was still broadcasting baseball games then this opportunity would not have been possible.

This is really exciting for me because one, I will be back in my home town talking the sports and teams that I love, with an occasional mix of Notre Dame Football! Second, I get to work with a good friend who I have known since my college days at Lindenwood University.

Finally, this is my first crack at hosting a sports show. Brendan is the seasoned veteran at hosting a show after doing it five days a week for the past five years. So I am excited about the possibilities of what this show might produce.

If you are wondering what the show will be like, well here is a little synopsis I wrote up for the web page I am creating for the show…

The Benchwarmers, two St. Louis guys sitting around talking about sports during a time in the day when people talk about sports, after the game has just ended. When it's that time of night when you want to yell, analyze, second guess or just vent on what you just witnessed.

While part of the idea of The Benchwarmers is to ride the coattails of a marginally successful 2006 Rob Schneider movie and hopefully get a few extra hits from Google and Yahoo, the main focus is to give the best sports fans in the country a place to talk, gather and listen when you need it the most. There will be laughs, arguments,
disagreements, maybe a few jokes that nobody gets and a number of Seinfeld references, but in the end it is all about the sports that matter to the St. Louis Fans.

I will be taking all my experience I have gained in Minor League Baseball and applying that to this project. I will be doing web design, graphic design, marketing, sales, broadcasting, writing, audio editing and maybe a few more things.

So give us a listen and be sure to stop by and say hi at

The show launches June 1!