Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here Comes the King

One of the great joys of going to Busch Stadium when growing up in St. Louis. Too many ballparks these days have loud music with the music thumping. Bring back the organists!! God Bless Ernie Hays.

I loved going to Busch growing up and seeing all the red and hearing the organist play. This song was always played during the seventh inning stretch and it is a St. Louis tradition. It is called "Here Comes the King" because the Budweiser Clydesdale's use to come out to the song.

Now the Clydesdale's only come out for special occasions...who knows, they might not come out anymore now that Budweiser is sold. That is a topic for another day though.

I have been to just one ballpark in my four years of broadcasting Minor League Baseball that has the sounds of an organist and that is Rome, GA and the Rome Braves. They actually play this song in the seventh inning just like they do at Busch and it brings me back home every time I hear it.

Too many parks have gotten to turning the volume up and blowing people out of their seats. I guess I am just too old, or showing my age in my appreciation for the simpler times.

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